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REPOST AS THE TIME IS NEAR!Global Boycott Procter & Gamble

Saturday 17th May 2008
A Rough Guide to P&G Day Campaigning

What is Global Boycott P&G Day?
On Saturday 17th May 2008, there will be actions in towns and cities across the world to protest at Procter & Gamble’s (P&G) cruel & unnecessary animal testing practices, and raise awareness about cruelty-free shopping. It is the biggest Day of Action of its kind in the world.
Global Boycott P&G Day is the centre-piece of our tenacious campaign to spread the boycott of all P&G products until the company permanently ceases harming and killing animals. It is a fantastic opportunity to spread the message about P&G’s animal testing, and how to shop cruelty-free, directly to consumers and through media coverage of the day.
Events will include: demonstrations, stunts and leafleting at P&G facilities, supermarkets, and town centres; public information & petition stalls in town centres and High Streets; and displays in libraries, colleges and workplaces. In addition, writing letters to national and regional newspapers about the campaign is a great way to publicise the Day of Action, P&G’s animal testing and cruelty free shopping.
Why target Procter & Gamble?
1. P&G test on animals in the development of new household cleaning, cosmetic and ‘pet’ food products and ingredients despite there being no legal requirements to do so, and repeated demands from consumers, requests from its own shareholders, and ever-increasing public pressure.
2. An internal P&G memo, originally leaked to the BUAV, revealed how the company secretly lobbied the European Union and member state Governments to try to block a popular proposal to stop testing cosmetics and toiletries on animals within the EU.
3. Even P&G’s ‘pet’ food subsidiary, IAMS test on animals in ‘pet’ food research.
4. The boycott campaign is costing P&G at least £12 million every year in the UK alone. They are worried - as is evidenced by the increasingly desperate spin they have resorted to in vain attempts to disguise P&G animal testing.
5. P&G is one of the largest companies on the planet, and the largest of its type, selling its brands in 140 countries worldwide. Once P&G relents, other companies will come under inexorable pressure to also cease animal testing.

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Max Newton said...

Nice one - thanks for advertising this impiortant Day of Action against animal cruelty.

There's a report on the Day here:

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DogArgentina said...

That is great!its nice to see all these actions against animal cruelty.and it was the less i could do by posting this hear!every day is a day against all companies that use animals for experiments!