Friday, September 16, 2011

White Lung-Its The Evil

when was the last time you heard something that suposed to be not in your preferences and you hit your head in the wall just to not stuck with it?
well i felt this and now i dont know what to do!maybe i am overreacting but its such a great band ,for me, not so experienced people you can see from their ages but its this thing i call it authentic,pure,evil PSYCHOHOLIC!
A new era is borning from the old steps,im not so into to explain it exactly.4 people the three women and they kick ass so bad.drunk fairy voice-crazy guitar-steady and sure bass and drums that completes the all thing with this tempo simple and punk and and aaa just listen and judje your self...!!!
cheers enjoy it and hope you will find them somewhere!!!



haris said...

basically i am a school teacher and regular reader of your blog , you are sharing valuable information which are really valuable for my students., keep updating..

Raggedy Man said...